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National Fitness Hall of Fame Induction Criteria & Selection Process

I.  BACKGROUND -  The National Fitness Hall of Fame (NFHOF) was founded on December 2nd, 2004 to provide a both physical and virtual place, where the lifelong efforts of individuals and organizations are acknowledged and showcased.  Mission:  "To Preserve the Past while Promoting the Future of Fitness.”  The Hall of Fame was initially located at 601 Brickville Road, Sycamore, IL andis now located at 203 W. Mondomin Street in Minooka, Illinois. 

II.  PROCEDURE -  Selections for the Hall of Fame shall be on an annual basis. The deadline for submission of nomination varies from year to year depending on the selected date of the Induction Ceremony.

A) Nominee - A person (or business) may be nominated for National Fitness Hall of Fame induction consideration because of significant contributions made in any of the work related areas of health & fitness listed below:

     INSTRUCTOR:  Group exercise instructor in a health club, video/DVD and/or television, etc.

     TRAINER:  Includes gym owner-operators, personal trainers & coaches in fitness related areas.

     EDUCATOR:  Includes professors, teachers, speakers, sales reps and publishers in the fitness field.

     MEDICAL FITNESS:  Includes doctors, chiropractors, allied health professional whose practice goes beyond: including preventive care, sports medicine and fitness conditioning.

     ORGANIZATION/BUSINESS:  An organization, company or corporation serving the fitness industry.

     B)  Minimum criteria for induction consideration into the NFHOF -  

  • 25+ year career (full-time) in the health & fitness industry.
  • Reached the age of 55 by the ceremony date.
  • Work experience that is nationally recognized by the industry and known by the public. 

C)  Nominating Sponsor - A nomination shall be made by a principal Sponsor who has knowledge of a nominee's background and career accomplishments.  A person may be a principal Sponsor for only one nominee each year.  By signing the nomination form as a Sponsor, that individual attests to the good character and suitability of the NFHOF recognizing that Nominee for Hall of Fame honors.  Sponsors shall do research and provide the information necessary so that the NFHOF Board can adequately examine the Nominee's record.  Including, but not limited to, Nominee’s resume/CV, examples of “works”, reference letters and testimonials.

D)  Nomination Form - Nominations for induction consideration shall be made by completing the current NFHOF nomination form where both the Sponsor and Nominee must agree to the terms listed, sign and return to the NFHOF before the determined deadline for that particular year.  Additional information such as resume, portrait photos and other required documents must also be supplied with the nomination form. (See nomination form for instructions).

E)  Nomination Processing FeeEach principal Sponsor submitting a completed nomination form to the NFHOF must pay the amount shown on the application form online at the NFHOF website or with a check/money order made payable to the National Fitness Hall of Fame, to reimburse the NFHOF for its administrative processing costs.

F)  Selection- The NFHOF’s Director will check all nomination forms and attachments to make sure minimum qualifications are met.  If so, the nominee will be considered an "Official Candidate" and placed on the ballot.  (A portrait photo and brief bio will be posted on the NFHOF website).

"Official Candidates" are voted on by the NFHOF Board of Directors.  Note: One candidate in each induction category will be selected per year.  In some cases up to two candidates can be chosen in a particular category. (Board discresion)  New inductees are installed annually at the National Fitness Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

The Director shall ensure that each nominee not selected for induction will be notified via email that he/she will not be honored in the current year.

G) Hall of Fame Ceremony - Individuals chosen for induction will be honored at the National Fitness Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony held once each year.