National Fitness Hall of Fame Museum & Institute

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John Figarelli - Founder & Director of The National Fitness Hall of Fame

John is a man with a passion for helping get fit and healthy and an appreciation of fitness history.

John started his fitness career in 1981 teaching Slimnastic and Men's Fitness classes at local park districts.  At that time, many classes were held in elementary school gymnasiums.  "Participants would bring their own mat and I would bring in a 'boom box' and we would all sweat for an hour!"  When aerobics exploded onto the fitness scene in the early 80's, and certifications became increasingly important, John signed up for instructor training at one of Richard Simmons Anatomy Asylums in the Chicago-area.

From 1987 to 1990, John was selected as the Mainz Community Powerlifting Coach while serving in the US Army in Mainz, Germany.  After being honorably discharged from the army in 1990, John went on to complete a bachelor's degree at Governors State University and a master's degree in Exercise Science at University of Illinois in Chicago.
While at UIC, he worked in the Human Performance Lab.  "That was a fun time.  I got the chance to perform numerous fitness tests and provide exercise prescriptions for many different athletes, including players from professional teams, like the Chicago Blackhawks among other."

In 1991, John earned his first official certification as a Health-Fitness Instructor with the ACSM and would earn several others, including the Certified Personal Trainer from ACE.  During the mid-90's, John owned and operated Fig's Fitness Foundation - A Personal Training Recreation Center in Charlotte, NC.  By 1997, he had created the NU-SHAPE Weight-Loss & Fitness Program which benefited thousands of successful clients and most recently has developed the RENEWED YOU At-Home Transformation Program..

In 2004, John established The National Fitness Hall of Fame & Museum, a place where the history of fitness comes alive and the achievements of fitness greats are recognized. 
John has been married to his lovely wife, Fatima since 2000 and together they have two terrific children.